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Clarity Notes is a browser-based note taking app. It is designed to be simple, intuitive and accessible to everyone. There is nothing to download or install, just open the page in a web browser and you're ready to write.

"Organise your thoughts to create a sense of clarity and mental wellbeing"


Privacy. None of your data is sent over the internet - your notes are yours and yours alone.

Accesibility. The app can be accessed by anyone with a computer. Once it is loaded, it can continue working without an active internet connection.

Freedom. You can take your data out of the app at anytime. Being able to export it to a CSV file and then open it in a spreadsheet means that you're always free to stay or go.


How long did it take to develop?

Creating the current version took several months of coding. Prior to that, I've been working on other data-storage projects that have brought me the necessary wisdom. All in all, you could say that this app has been "years in the making".


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